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The Process

The process of drafting a project goes through three main phases: Conceptual, Preliminary and Final.

The Conceptual Phase includes: The Basement, First and Second Floor Plans will include walls, doors and windows along with the room identifications, approximate finished room dimensions and fixture layouts. The overall exterior dimensions and gross floor area will also be indicated on the drawings. Window locations and sizes will be approximate, unless client provides detailed window specifications.

Once any client changes are made, the Conceptual Floor Plan is approved by the owner and we move onto the Preliminary Phase. You may view an example of a Conceptual Floor Plan HERE.

The Preliminary Phase includes: Changes to the Conceptual submittal, along with the Exterior Elevations, Code Notes, remaining exterior and interior dimensions and the Typical Wall Section(s). The foundation/wall system, roof truss design and any other engineered systems will be coordinated and incorporated with the applicable company by Crawford Drafting as directed by the company.

The Final Phase includes: Changes to the Preliminary submittal, along with the structural engineers review and design and then drafted by Crawford Drafting. Any other drawing items required for completion will be provided by Crawford Drafting.

The drawing submittal requirements may change from project to project. Specific Zoning and Building Agency requirements will be addressed for each project and will be coordinated with our client.

Crawford Drafting is not responsible for the following: